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Trade News

Forklift demand increased year by year Electric forklift welcome by the market

With the development of industry and logistics in our country, there is more and more demand for handling. Among them, forklift trucks are commonly used to carry vehicles. It can carry out loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of component pallet cargo. Widely used in stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses and other sectors of the national economy.

In China, forklift trucks have been manufactured since the early 1950s. In recent years, the demand for forklift trucks has been growing rapidly every year. It is usually divided into three categories: internal combustion forklift, electric forklift and storage forklift.

Serialization is an important trend in the development of electric forklift trucks. With the acceleration of internationalization, China's electric forklift has gradually entered the international market. The new electric forklift truck will pay more attention to the ergonomics and improve the handling comfort.

Domestic forklift industry is warming up and demand continues to grow

Macroeconomic recovery and infrastructure construction drive forklift demand. At present, the domestic macro-economy is growing steadily. The active fiscal policy implemented by the state, the infrastructure construction has maintained a relatively high growth rate, which promotes the growth of forklift truck industry.

Driven by downstream industries, the manufacturing industry is booming. Forklift truck downstream covers a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, postal, warehousing, wholesale and retail industries. In recent years, the domestic manufacturing industry continues to expand, providing the demand basis for forklift sales growth. Forklift industry development is highly correlated with manufacturing industry, and the correlation coefficient between them is as high as 0.8. In September this year, the PMI index of manufacturing industry was 52.4, up 0.7 percentage points from the previous year. It has been above the Kurong Line for 14 consecutive months, indicating that the manufacturing industry is in the period of accelerated expansion. The continuous expansion of downstream manufacturing industry will directly promote forklift sales.

Industry Development Trend Product and Market Development Trend

China's electric forklift sales will increase, but the increase will not be too large. Overseas battery forklift trucks have accounted for about 40% of the total forklift market share. In 1999, the sales of electric forklift trucks accounted for 39.7% of the total sales in Japan, while that of gasoline forklift trucks dropped to 30.9% and diesel forklift trucks to 29.4%. Compared with 1989 ten years ago, Japanese electric forklift trucks increased by 11.8 percentage points, gasoline forklift trucks decreased by 5.2 percentage points and diesel forklift trucks decreased by 6.6 percentage points, which shows that electric forklift trucks are the direction of development.

Product Technology

Environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent, especially for export products. In 2004, the United States, the forklift exporting country of China, will enforce emission standards equivalent to Euro II standard. Gasoline forklift trucks are generally of both liquefied gas and gasoline use. The application of energy-saving technology and mechatronics technology has come to the point where it must be faced directly; the content of product certification has increased and requirements have been raised; and the use of man-machine technology has been enhanced. Engineering design, improve the comfort of operation, reduce noise and vibration, pay more attention to appearance design, local enterprises should first overcome this weakness. The above seemingly insignificant issues will become the main content of determining market viability.

Changes in market regions and areas

The market focus will move northward, and the consumption of new areas will be expanded. Enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have a strong awareness of forklift trucks, especially some Hong Kong-funded and Taiwan-funded enterprises. In addition to the rapid economic growth and strong comprehensive economic strength of the region in the early years, forklift sales in the region have been at the forefront of the country. However, at present, the Yangtze River Delta has become a hot spot of new round of foreign investment with rapid economic growth, so the focus of forklift market will move further northward in the future. In the market area, besides the traditional paper and automobile industries, logistics and retail will be the new growth point of forklift market.

Domestic Forklift Industry Structure and Development Trend of Competitive Key Points

(1) Foreign investment in forklift truck industry in China will further increase and unlike the loading machine industry, the independent and joint venture enterprises of forklift truck industry can gain a firm foothold in the Chinese market. The main reason is that forklift trucks are widely used, the user level is diverse, and the emission and noise requirements are high in many use occasions. Therefore, imported and independent joint venture products can be obtained in a certain field and scope. To expand the market. In addition, the price of forklift products themselves is low, the price difference between high-grade and low-grade products is not big, and high-end users are easy to accept the price and price difference.

(2) Domestic forklift trucks will still be unable to occupy the mainstream market, mainly to grab low-end customers. In fact, the performance of imported forklift trucks produced by enterprises is comparable to that of foreign-funded enterprises, but there is still a slight gap in shape and appearance quality, mainly in the level of painting, rubber and plastic parts. In addition, the main reason why domestic forklift trucks can not occupy the mainstream market is the brand and the domestic users'worship of foreign countries.