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The method of making the truck

In the technical field:

The utility model relates to the technical field of a conveying device, in particular to a conveyor.

Background technology:

Short-distance goods are often transported by the users in the workshop by the carrier. It is known that the carrier mainly has a body, and the top of the body has a bearing surface, while the bottom of the body has more than two rollers. At the same time, there is a hand on the body, so that the user can carry the goods onto the bearing surface and pull the body to move through the handle. To transport the goods to their destination. However, it is known that the way of loading and unloading goods on the carrier surface must be carried by the user's hands or unloaded by the carrier surface. Therefore, if the goods to be loaded and unloaded are heavy, the user often needs to use additional manpower to help, which is very inconvenient and is criticized by the user. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the carrier.

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide a carrier with a pull rope, which is convenient for users to load and unload goods. In order to solve the above technical problems, the utility model provides a conveyor with a body and a bearing surface on the top of the body, and two or more rollers on the bottom of the body; a handle with one end pivoted on the body and the other free end; and a pulling rope with a rope body and one end of the rope body connected to the handle. The other end is a free end and is connected with a connector. As a preferred scheme, the body is composed of a U-shaped frame and two or more longitudinal and transverse bars staggered within the frame. As a preferred scheme, the two sides of the body are convex downwards with one slider. As a preferred scheme, the body is provided with at least one runner on the bearing surface. As a preferred scheme, one end of the body is further pivoted with a flat plate. As a preferred scheme, the body is equipped with a pair of pivot plates opposite to the bearing surface, while the handle has a long rod, and one end of the long rod is equipped with a pair of pivot rods, which bend and extend outward to form a pivot joint, and are pivoted to the pivot plate respectively, while the other end of the long rod is transversely equipped with a grip rod. As a preferred scheme, a pair of protrusions are arranged on the handle. As a preferred scheme, the pulling rope is connected to one end of the handle to form a set of rings, and the snare is fixed on the protrusion. As a preferred scheme, the handle is provided with at least one limit ring. As a preferred scheme, the connector is a hook. As a preferred scheme, the handle is provided with a rope harvesting mechanism. As a preferred scheme, the rope-collecting mechanism has a first gear pivoted to the handle, and the first gear is connected with a rocker arm. At the same time, the rope-collecting mechanism is pivoted with a second gear, which engages with the first gear, and a turntable is arranged on the second gear, which is connected with the rope.
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