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Construction machinery industry development dilemma to be broken

At present, although the industry statistics show positive changes, but the downward pressure on the construction machinery industry has not been lifted, the development of the industry is still facing many challenges". China Construction Machinery Industry Association executive vice president and Secretary General Su Zimeng pointed out that the need to break the plight of the international demand management and supply side structural reform, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, lay a solid foundation for development.
Downward pressure has not been lifted
This year, the development of China's construction machinery industry has stabilized to the good signs. According to the China Construction Machinery Industry Association statistics show, 4 a month before, our multi class main engineering machinery products sales restored positive growth, and sales in more than 1 million units of the product categories in addition to loaders, excavators, industrial vehicle sales are to achieve the positive growth; bulldozers, graders and stalls shop machine sales year-on-year rapid growth, the growth rate is close to or more than 10%. At the same time, a decline in sales of several categories of products have narrowed.
But it can not be denied that, this year, the overall development situation of the construction machinery industry is still grim". Suzimeng on June 6 in Beijing attended the fourteenth session of the China Beijing international construction machinery, building materials, machinery and mining machinery exhiintion and technical exchange will press conference said that at present, the world economy is in the depth of the adjustment period, the world economic recovery is still arduous, restricting China's economic opening and steady recovery of unfavorable factors still exist, engineering machinery industry effective demand is insufficient, behind the excess capacity, enterprise efficiency decline situation has not been fundamentally changed, the depth of the adjustment of industry will continue.
This from the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the focus of the economic benefits of enterprises can also be confirmed. Statistics show that 1~4 months, the company operating income and total profits and other indicators still show a downward trend year on year, and the total profit fell 149.2%. Trade data from the industry to see, although the first 4 months of China's construction machinery products, export items and import and export volume of the year on year decline has narrowed signs, but the data is still in a negative growth range.
Su Zimeng pointed out that the current downward pressure on the industry has not yet lifted, positive changes in the first quarter of the data is mainly based on the upgrading of emission standards to bring positive product upgrades. And a lot of uncertain factors in a way that makes international engineering machinery market demand continues to slow, some enterprises, especially large and medium-sized enterprise efficiency decline situation has not changed, industry structure adjustment and the supply side structural reform is far from the expected.
Seize the opportunity to adjust
In addition to the challenges, the industry is also facing opportunities for recovery and development.
"China's economic development for the better int-term fundamentals have not changed, economic resilience and potential, cyclotron space basic characteristics has not changed, good foundation and conditions for sustained economic growth has not changed, future trend of economic structural adjustment and optimization of the has not changed. The general manager of Beijing day laborers International Exhiintion Co. Ltd. Qiao Jian said, the state vigorously implement the supply side structural reform and the reform of the taxation system, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" and "Internet plus" new mode of development, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" and "to further promote the implementation of The Belt and Road" initiative for engineering machinery the recovery of industry development opportunities.
From the domestic market, the traffic infrastructure construction of major projects three year action plan "clearly, 2016 ~ 2018 will focus on promoting the national transport infrastructure construction of major projects, projects with a total investment of about 4.7 trillion yuan of railway, highway, airport, urban rail transit project investment opportunities continue to emerge.
From the international market, with the continued advance The Belt and Road "initiative, the original 65 countries aint the silk road infrastructure is relatively weak based on the reality, in the economic corridor based on the traffic infrastructure construction as a breakthrough, with investment in infrastructure bank in Asia and the Silk Road Fund and other related financial support, aint the country will set off a boom in infrastructure construction. According to the Asian Development Bank estimates that in 2020 before the Asian region's annual infrastructure investment demand will be as high as $730 billion. The implementation of these major strategies and projects will lead to the development of construction machinery industry closely related to infrastructure construction.
But Qiao Jian also reminded, in the face of market growth, industry overcapacity, safety and environmental protection to increase the rigid constraints and many other challenges, the construction machinery industry enterprises difficult to go through a simple large-scale production and low price to obtain int-term competitive advantage, enterprises must focus on continuous improvement of quality, brand, service, market at the same time, conform to construction machinery in the future trend of technology development, and gradually realize the extensive from the expansion of the scale of growth to the sustainable development of quality and efficiency changes, leading to the development of innovative elements leading to change from the traditional elements of the value chain from low-end to high-end value chain development orientation change, from the focus on short-term interests to adhere to the transformation of the concept of sustainable development, strengthen the the technology of energy saving and environmental protection products, development and application, leading construction machinery industry transformation and upgrading innovation driven. In order to promote the China Construction machinery industry structure adjustment, traditional engineering machinery enterprises can through the depth of information technology and engineering machinery and equipment and construction process integration, and promote construction machinery products to digital, networked, intelligent direction of change, to get rid of the traditional demand under drop, industry overcapacity dilemma.
Su Zimeng pointed out that to face the objective problem of the existence of the industry, not blind pursuit of quantity growth, to grasp the intelligent, green, pleasant industry development trends,to improve the reliability and durability of the products, to further enhance the international competitiveness of the products, and actively promote international cooperation in the production of "The Belt and Road" initiative, and demand management and supply side structural reform combined, increase effective demand, comprehensive solid industry foundation.