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Half the electric stacker

DM - 10 all electric stacker

Lifting height
1600mm, 2500mm, 3500mm (two stage door frame)
4500mm, 5000mm, 5500mm (three stage door frame)
Customizable cross legged

Easy to maintain

AC drive motor, brushless, basic no maintenance, greatly reducing maintenance costs. The use of vertical motor, the motor, brake, etc. the detection, maintenance is convenient, the maintenance performance is much better than the transverse motor;
The design of an integrated micro switch, the replacement is very easy;
The battery box cover is easy to open, which is convenient for adding distilled water or electrolyte to the storage battery;

The timer and power meter display standard, convenient and timely to remind the operator to charge;

The controller self diagnosis system, through the handheld unit to display the fault code.

A high performance

High performance High quality hydraulic pressure station, low noise, low vibration, strong sealing, automatic adjustment of falling speed, to ensure the smooth and reliable rise and fall;
Accurate electronic limit switches, accurate control of the maximum lifting height, to prevent damage to the motor.

The operation is safer and more convenient.

Emergency reverse travel;
Emergency power off switch as standard configuration;
The man-machine design of the German import control handle, easy to control hand operation, all the operating functions can be easy to achieve the simple button on the handle, improve the driving comfort.

With electronic steering system, the operation is more relaxed, more flexible steering.

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